Blemished Light                        John, crippled Viet Nam Vet      R. Amit Kumar

Happy Thankyou More Please    Urinating Derelict                     Josh Radnor

Marcus Garlard                         Yents the Historian                   Joshua Paul Johnson

Tasty Peanuts                           Mafia Barman                          Millenium/Tom Maiorino

Greetings From Bushwick          Jerry the Hippie                       George Matsuo/Marro Media

Fake                                        Jim Oakley                              Greg Friedle

Easy Street                              Judge Blackstone                     Russell Greene

Amber Dreams                         Mike the Porn guy                    Christopher Pedersen

Exit Strategy                            Geeles (lead)                          Dan Zimbler

Albert                                      Mr Sputnik                              Elin Gronblom

The Interrogator                       The Director                            Fahim Huq

Thank You Marianne                  Policeman                               Nicole Rodrigues

I, Sisyphus                               Sisyphus (lead)                       Vincenzo Ferriero

Endless Summer                       Andrew (lead)                         Daniel Munro

A Thousand Cranes                   Willy the Landlord                    Zach Carver

Sweet Virginia                          Henry the Professor                  Zach Carver

Interactive Video                      Juggler at Picnic                       Chicago Museum of Science



Weed Smell                              Dutch Gibbs                            Onion News Network

Monsters Inside Me                   Farmer/Traveler                       Animal Planet

The View                                  Nightmare/Vampires role         ABC

The Fugitive Chronicles              Dr Richard Boggs                     A&E/Raw TV

Celebrity Ghost Stories              Ghost of a Miner                      Biography Channel

Celebrity Ghost Stories              Brutal Civil War POW Guard      Biography Channel

Wonderwall (comedy pilot)         Crazed Paparazzi                     Sebastian Conley

Adidas Spec Commercial            Brutal Alcoholic Father             Jason Colvin



Judgment of Paris                     Wine Server                            MOMA

Portraiture Projects                   Dance Instructor, Reader          Alex Fleming



We are all Aliens (Radio Play)    Several Voices/Accents            WBAI

Red Hunter                              Lead Physician                        Spyros Papavassiliou

28 Days in NYC (Radio Play)      Steven the nerd, Ferryman      Meera Joshi

Portraiture Projects                   Voiceover                               Alex Fleming



Every Day A Visitor                    Leon Davidowitz                  New Federal Theater, Inc

The Time Of Your Life                 Kit Carson                          The Attic Theater Company

The Notebook of Trigorin            Shamrayev                         The Attic Theater Company

Hamlet                                     Polonius                              Rich Ferraioli/Queensplayers

Nightmare: Vampires                 Terrified Audience Member   Nightmare: New York

Quisisana                                  Will Peterson                       Phare Play and Love Creek

Faustus                                     Five Roles                           Richard Mazda/Queensplayers



Michael Howard Studios             

                  Vocal Production                                                David Wells

                  Acting for Film and Television                              Gabrielle Berberich

                  Scene Study                                                      Naomi Thornton

                  Shakespeare‚Äôs Heightened Language I & II           Patsy Rodenburg

Lisa Fischoff Broadcasters           

                  Voiceovers                                                        Lisa Fischoff  Elizabeth Bunnell

Narration Arts                 

                 Audiobook Workshop                                          Robin Miles

Manhattan Comedy School                 

                 Stand-up Comedy Workshop                               Cory Kahaney

NYU:          Writing for Screen and Television                         Michelle Cousin

Bard College:     BA in Literature

Barter Theater:  Child Actor


SPECIAL SKILLS/EXPERIENCE_________________________________________________

Smoke Rings, Juggler, Yoga, some French,

Accents: French, Russian, British, New York, New England, Southern

Author short stories, novels, screenplays, plays

Genuine Woodstock Alumnus

Copyright  Henry Packer 2013 -